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Websites with catalogues of classical music



aria2c download list for MB dumps

Those are tabs (\t) separating the URLs, not spaces! Replace latest with the real folder name. Then save all the URLs to a file and run aria2c like so:

aria2c -j 6 -i <filename>

to download the files to the current directory

Picard scripting

$if($eq(%label%,OverClocked ReMix),

Picard file naming

		$gt(%totaldiscs%, 1),
		Disc %_paddeddiscnumber%/,
	%_paddedtracknumber% - %title%


$if($eq(%albumartist%,OverClocked ReMix),
	$set(albumartist,Various Artists),

	misc/tagged/%artist% - %title%


	$in(%_dirname%,Soundtracks - Score),
	$set(_soundtrackprefix,Soundtracks - Score),

	$set(_soundtrackprefix,Soundtracks - Anime),

$noop(begin labelandcatno - for some labels it makes sense to give them their own folder - label/catno - album \(year\))
	%_label%/%_catno% - %album%$if(%_year%, \(%_year%\))/%_theend%
$noop(end labelandcatno)
$noop(begin soundtrack)
	%album% $if(%_releasecomment%,\(%_releasecomment%\) ,)- $if2(%albumartist%,%albumartist%)

$noop(end soundtrack),
$noop(begin normal - this is neither a soundtrack, nor an album from one of the special labels)
$if(%_year%,%_year% - )
$noop(end normal)