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* "Why don't we respect the style used on the cover of the release?" ([[Edit:6141850|6141850]])  
* "Why don't we respect the style used on the cover of the release?" ([[Edit:6141850|6141850]])  
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[[Category:Developer]] [[Category:WikiWarden]]
[[Category:Developer]] [[Category:WikiWarden]]

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Who am I?

[ MB: Editor:murdos | Last.fm: murdos | Languages: French (native), English (some) ]

An editor known as Editor:murdos and Aurélien. A French guy working in IT Services and living in Lyon.

I'm highly convinced by the Open Data concept, and being a music lover, MusicBrainz is the place to be!

From an editing point of view, I'm mainly focused on French artists that are definitely in a better shape than when I joined the project. I try to coach new editors that have some potential. Having your edits reviewed and having a feed back is really encouraging ;)

I used to be a developer on Server - before MB got paid developers - and Search Server.

I used to be a Wiki Warden.

What is on this page?

Some random stuff, essentially links helping me to vote and edit.

Extra-editing stuff I've been workin' on

Voting stuff

Editors I'm usually working with:

Other editors that have to be watched, but not for the same reasons ;):

Editing plans

Starting Point for French stuff: FrenchArtists & FrogsTidyingMarathon


Frogs Tidying Marathon

Notes from various edits