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I used to be known as Kiara, but decided to switch to my real name. I have no life, like music, Unicode and my stuff to be organised, therefore, MusicBrainz is the perfect match for me. I'm interested in InterNationalization and enjoy correcting misencoded data. I can usually be found on IRC as nikki_.

Regarding ModeratorLanguages, I've studied French, German, Spanish and Japanese, with a bit of Russian and Maltese in my spare time. The only one I still know well enough to be of any help in is French. I'm guilty of doing a little bit of everything and not enough of one thing, which isn't always bad as I can read the Cyrillic, Hiragana and Katakana (for Japanese), Hangul (for Korean) and Greek scripts well and the Hebrew, Arabic and Thai scripts with a little difficulty. I can also identify which language something uses for quite a lot of languages, although I'm shamefully bad at African languages.

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