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Since User_talk:Reosarevok/Recording_Issues is really not helping us decide what to do about MBS-2021...

Note: This page doesn't refer to standalone recordings. They don't have tracks and therefore don't have track length which means the lengths can only be set manually. If you want to get rid of standalone recordings entirely, that's something separate from what we're trying to solve here and is a whole new can of worms. Make your own proposal for that if that's what you want.

Should recording lengths ever be set automatically from track lengths?

Yes - some or all of the time

No - editors should always enter them by hand

Should recording lengths be editable?

Yes, always

Yes, but only when there are multiple tracks

No, always set them automatically when there are tracks

If recording lengths should only be set automatically some of the time, when should it happen?

Vote for both if you like, they're not mutually exclusive.

When there isn't an existing recording length

When the recording only has one track


If recording lengths should always be set automatically from track lengths, how should the length be determined?

I don't care, just set them from track lengths somehow

Use the actual length from one of the releases

Average the lengths


Other views

There is no spoon^wrecording length

ocharles thinks that abolishing the concept of recording lengths entirely is the way to go, and thus can't really vote for any of the above options because they all assume the existance of this bit of data.