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The flac2vorbis script recursively walks a directory containing FLAC files and transcodes to Ogg Vorbis format, en masse. Features:

  • incremental (non-overwrite) to only transcode only newly found FLAC files
  • spawns multiple processes to allow multiple concurrent encodings to be performed



  • This script is tested on Ubuntu 8.10; mileage may vary on other platforms.




Usage: flac2vorbis [options] flac_dir [vorbis_dir]


  • Option Description Default
    --encopts=options Options to pass to encoder. --quality=5
    --help Display this help message.
    --oggenc=program Program to encode to Ogg Vorbis. oggenc
    --metaflac=program Program to use to manage metadata in FLAC files. metaflac
    --[no]overwrite Overwrite previous extract of tracks. nooverwrite
    --processes=number Number of concurrent encoder processes. number of CPUs
    --quiet Quiet operation, no screen output.
    --[no]removeflac Remove source FLAC file upon successful trancode. noremoveflac
    --verbose Verbose output of progress information.

Configuration file

You can store persistent command-line options in a file called .flac2vorbis in your home directory. They will be read as defaults prior to processing any passed command-line options.


0.6 (2009-02-23)

  • added option to remove source FLAC file after successful transcode. (IRC: brianfreud)

0.5 (2009-01-07)

  • initial version released to MusicBrainz