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Official Style Guideline

Template:official style guideline contains a status bar that confirms the officialness of the article and adds the article into Category:Official Style & Category:Style.

All articles in Category:Official Style have been tagged with Template:official style guideline except:

  1. Capitalization Standard English and Capitalization Standard Latin
    • There are the only two capitalization standards in this category, why are the rest not here? All of them seem to be in the transclusion table.
  2. Single Disc Number Style
  3. Part Number Style
    • A "proposed draft" that seems to have got stuck.
  4. Soundtrack Title Style
    • Not "official", but seems to be the defacto standard.
  5. Member Of Band Relationship
    • Odd page, it's a relationship type page and seems to have snuck in to the style guidelines somehow. RFC in progress to remove it.


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