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The first vote was pretty strongly on the side of not artificially expanding abbreviations, but it was mentioned to me (and it is true) that the whole thing was very centered in Vol. and other series-related abbreviations. As such, I'm running a second vote to see whether people would prefer not to expand at all, or whether they feel differently about extra title information ("rmx", "inst. ver.", and the like, which are not part of the title as such). The idea would be, if desired, to remove the abbreviation section, but add a specific line about it to the ETI section of style.

As the last time, please choose one of the options below, and "vote" by signing under it (using the "your signature" icon). Feel free to add any comment with your vote, but please use either the mailing list or the forum for any discussion longer than just a vote comment.

Discussion: /

Expand abbreviations in ETI

"Since ETI is not really part of the title, we can go a bit further with standardisation there and turn things like 'rmx' into the full word"

Don't expand abbreviations in ETI either

"When I said as on cover, I meant as on cover!"

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