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For meaningful discussion on how to get the best possible support for "classical" (or "art" or... you know what I mean) music, we need to think of the hardest / less obvious cases we can come up with. This is a place to list those - please add all you can!

J.S. Bach

Brandenburg Concertos

No 3, second movement
as written, consists of one measure. Performances sometimes are just that one measure, sometimes improvisation, sometimes inserting an entirely different work. Wendy Carlos composed three different extended versions (for Switched-On Bach, Switched-on Brandenburgs, and Switched-On Bach 2000).

Gustav Holst

The Planets Suite

A movement (“Pluto”) was composed much later by a different composer, but of course could be considered part of the suite. It also makes minor modifications to the end of the 7th part.


Piano Concerto no. 3:II

This movement is made of variations. Most releases set the whole movement as a single track, while some use a separate track for each variation .