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So, the overview is a mess right now. We're releasing a change soon that'll make it less bad, but we should decide what to do about several issues (please sign your comments!):

Changes to the release group list (current overview)

a) Unofficial releases

While we've always shown release groups by default even if they only contained unofficial releases, the problems of that have become more apparent lately. An option would be to only show them by request. Should we do this? If yes, how? Should the options be official/all or official/unofficial? (the latter sounds more useful for people who care about bootlegs, but one of them should tell us!)

b) Compilations

Apparently some people want to hide compilations altogether (and require the user asking for them to show them). Others want to keep them away from the list in a "Compilations" section, and yet others want to keep showing them (the official ones at least) in the main list. One of the reasons to keep them in the main list has been providing a chronology - although since the main list is already broken in Album, Single, EP and Other, having a dedicated "chronology" page might be a better option for that.

Future developments of the overview page

Some people argue that it would make sense to decide what an overview page should actually be, apart from a list of release groups, and work on that (for example, it could show members for bands, or a description from wikipedia when available, or... you name it). So, we would like to know your ideas on what an ideal overview would be like. Please comment under this page!