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MBS-798: Add location and date fields to recording asks us to add fields to recordings to indicate when (and where, when we have location support) they were recorded MBS-1424: Add a 'First release date' field to recordings asks us to add fields to indicate when they were first released

MBS-2021: Set recording times automatically has been discussed already - it involves auto-setting times for recordings based on track times, but it's unclear based on comments whether that should happen only for recordings that are linked to only one track, or if it should also average the length of all tracks to create a recording length. MBS-3987: Disable recording duration editing is related to the same idea, and asks for us to just make the durations based on tracks and not allow them to be modified by hand at all.

MBS-2234: New edit type to split recordings is not necessarily high-level, since it's just a tool, but I expect its usefulness will vary a lot depending on what we end up deciding a recording is.

MBS-1839: In NGS there would be benefit to giving track ids to tracks on a release says what the title suggests - that we should have a track ID to uniquely identify a track in a release.


[1] a diagram by Kepstin, showing Work-Mix-Master-Track.

User:LordSputnik/Track_System_Redesign a wiki page containing Sput's ideas on a replacement for the recording system. Combines a lot of ideas from various IRC discussions.

[2] discussion on an earlier version of the above wiki page.

[3] an IRC log containing various editor's opinions and ideas on the future of recordings.

[4] more opinions and ideas from editors.

[5] a style mailing list thread full of ideas.