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RobertKaye is Ruaok, also known as the Mayhem & Chaos Coordinator.

I'm the person responsible for starting this project when Gracenote pissed me off when they took the freely available CDDB project and closed it up and started charging people for accessing the data. It was people like me who built this data in the first place and I felt violated. Thus the motivation for MusicBrainz was born.

You might be interested in my home page or my twitter feed.

If you're curious what I do for MusicBrainz, take a look at my lengthy JobDescription.


My team has been asking me to put some of my thoughts on how I think the projects inside of MetaBrainz should be managed. There are currently a lot of mis-conceptions around my philosophies, so I am starting a series of posts here that explain my thoughts on these topics. I'm nearly certain that this is not the right forum for these posts, but I'm not certain where to put them just yet. For now, I'll create sub-pages that will be linked from here.

My thoughts on dev meetings -- How I think Dev meetings should be run.
My MetaBrainz management philosophy -- How I empower my team to do their job.
Planning in a resource constrained non-profit -- How to deal with planning when resources are tight.