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Problems with Recordings

  • Most casual editors don't know, which recording should be related to which track, because there is no obviously correct entity. So they choose either a new recording (best choise, when in doubt) or a recording with the same name and a similar length.
  • It is hard to split recordings, which were incorrectly merged (or reused, see above), because the information which fingerprint was added originally for which track is lost (can't be stored, because a track has no identifier).

Fingerprints / Digests

  • Tracks should have an identifier
  • It should be difficult (require vote or at least confirmation) to relate more than one fingerprint of the same type to a track


Most levels should be optional. Entities, that could be useful, are:

  • Work
  • Arrangement
  • Performance Group
  • Performance
  • Mix
  • Master
  • Track