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Rock Records (滾石唱片) is a record company from Taiwan started by Sam Tuan and Johnny Tuan in 1980. It is one of the largest record companies in East Asia not owned by an international record company.

Rock Records began to sign artists and produce original records in Hong Kong in 1993. Before that, its presence in Hong Kong was merely an importer of records by Taiwan artists into the Hong Kong market. It has ceased its original production operations in Hong Kong in 2005.

The structure of the company is as follows:

Structure of Rock Records
Area Holding Publishing Imprints Catalog #
Taiwan 滾石有聲出版社有限公司
Rock Records Co., Ltd. (滾石國際音樂股份有限公司)
Rock Records (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.
Rock Music Publishing Co., Ltd. Taiwan Rock Records (滾石唱片) RC- / RD- / RR-
Elite Music (巨石音樂) (1987–1992)
Guts Records (風雲唱片) (????–????)
Magic Stone Culture Co., Ltd. (魔岩文化股份有限公司) (1992–1995) →

Magic Stone Music Co., Ltd. (魔岩唱片股份有限公司) (1995–2001)

Magic Stone (魔岩唱片) (1995–2001) MSD
Hong Kong Rock (H.K.) Co., Ltd.
Rock Records (滾石唱片) ROD-
Korea Rock Music Publishing (KOR) Co., Ltd.
Japan Rock Records (Japan) Co., Ltd. (ロックレコード株式会社) Rock Music Publishing (Japan) Co., Ltd. (ロック音楽出版株式会社) ROCK RCCA- / RCCN- / RCCY-