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====Orchestration (arrangement subtype)====
====Orchestration (arrangement subtype)====
'''RFC''' sent
====Transcription (arrangement subtype)====
====Transcription (arrangement subtype)====

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Planned proposals, links to old discussions and more.


Schema & UI changes

Show parent works in search results


As parent works don't show up in search results, we are forced to append all titles from the parent work to all sub-parts. This workaround will not continue in the upcoming works title guideline. A solution is probably needed (Benji's ticket MBS-3374 is similar) before we can implement work titles



Part I

Style/Classical/Works Checkmark.png Accepted

Definition of a work.

Part II: Titles

User:Symphonick/CSG Work Titles WIP

Sourcing titles. Language. Titles for works with a title by the composer and titles for works with lyrics.
Attention.png Most likely schema changes will be necessary

Part IIb: Untitled works

if part II gets too messy

How to format titles for untitled/generic works.


planned - works titles has to be in place first

Language. Appending titles. Constructing titles when works and recordings don't match.


Attention.png originally planned to be done before the other proposals, on hold awaiting schema change (track group titles/headings)

What to include in track titles. Releases with multiple languages. Pseudo-tracklists.
The RFC should include deprecating the old opera track guideline.




RFC awaiting +1



RFC awaiting +1

Orchestration (arrangement subtype)


RFC sent

Transcription (arrangement subtype)

Attention.png Lorenz made a pre-RFC in 2011

Other proposals

Old stuff