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Status: This page describes an active style guideline proposal and is not official.

Proposal number: RFC-Works titles
Champion: symphonick
Current status: RFC


JIRA ticket STYLE-263


  1. Try to establish the current title of the work in the language of the work and use this in the title field.
  2. All other titles should be in other fields; aliases or advanced attributes.
  3. No other information should be added to the title field.


The work title field should only contain the canonical title of the work, expressed in the language the work was originally written. This is not necessarily the composer's preferred language, also consider if the work was written with a specific performance or audience (country) in mind. See style/language for how to format language-specific details.

So-called untitled works, where the composer has only titled the work with a form or a character/tempo (concerto, symphony, allegro etc) have separate guidelines.

When dealing with written music, it is recommended to use a recent printed score as the source for titles.
If the ideal source is not available to you, just use the best source you can find. Titles can be corrected later.

Other information

Catalogue numbers, part numbers, instrumentation does not belong in the title field. This information can (eventually) be stored using advanced attributes.

Part numbers

In cases where the part number actually is the only title, it should be used in the title field. Otherwise, part ordering will be displayed using the (upcoming) ordering system.
Attention.png Only part numbers given by the writer may be used in the title field. Do not add your own numbering of parts.


  • The Road to Hell
    • Part I
    • Part II

Concatenating part and sub-part titles

As a temporary workaround until a technical solution is in place, this has to be done manually. See examples below.
Note Note: Use the title from the connected main work, do not translate titles or create new works.
Attention.png Do not concatenate titles of collections of free-standing works, e.g. "8 songs", "3 Piano Sonatas" etc.


Main works, will add links later

  • Winterreise by F. Schubert
  • Missa in Angustiis by J. Haydn
  • Die Zauberflöte by W.A. Mozart