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Status: This page describes an active proposal and is not official.

Proposal number: RFC-CSG Release/RG Title
Champion: symphonick
Current status: Unknown
Initial Discussion

Release Title

Titled releases

No difference from other Release Titles in MusicBrainz.

Single work releases

Use the title as printed and apply correct capitalisation and punctuation as stated in the language guidelines. Note that quotes in English should be in sentence style.

A list of works

Use the works as credited and separate them with a slash.

Title and a list of works

If a release contains both a title and a list of works it is recommended that only the title is used.

A list of works by different composers

For every work, add the composer as credited. Separate the composer from the work with a colon.

Multi-language titles

The release title and tracklist should match, if possible.

  • Don't add your own translation unless you are entering a pseudo-release.

A list of composers

In rare cases there are no credited works, only composers. Separate composers with a slash.

Release Group Title

Classical releases are often multilingual, and the standard guidelines for selecting a Release Group title in MusicBrainz may not work. See if one language is highlighted: bold typeface, bigger letters or similar.


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