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{{Status| 2012 Pre-RFC for CSG for release & releasegroup titles}}
{{Status| 2012 Pre-RFC for CSG for release & releasegroup artists}}

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Status: 2012 Pre-RFC for CSG for release & releasegroup artists


Physical Media

For releases of physical media, the release artist will be sourced from the front cover. When a physical cover is not available, find the featured composers & artists at a reliable online source.

  • The spine can be used if it should happen to contain more detail than the front cover

Digital media

Preferably from the label's page or other official source.

Featured artists

The ReleaseArtist of a classical Release should include the composer(s) & performers who are prominently featured on the front cover (except when "Various Artists" is used, see below). Use only composers & performers who are featured on the front cover, don't add artists from back cover or the inside of the booklet and so on.

Single artist

If there is only one name on the front cover. Not common for classical releases; usually the composer and a couple of performers will be listed.

Multiple artists

Use a slash + spaces to separate names. List the most prominently featured first, then go from top to bottom on the cover. Enter the names as printed, but fix capitalization. Use the field "Artist as credited" if MB & the cover differs.

Not prominently featured names

If there is a long list of names on the cover, only the most prominently featured names need to be included. For example when a single performer (or group) performs works from many different composers, or vice-versa. Also see below for information about when to use "Various Artists".

Various Artists

When dealing with "samplers" & some compilations like "Classical for relaxing", there are no really featured artists. In these cases, use the special artist "Various Artists".

Release Groups

Will in many cases have the same name and artists as the release. If the featured artists differs between different releases in the same release group, try to find the most used version. If that fails, use the earliest release.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Edita Gruberová / Kurt Eichhorn / Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart
Leoš Janáček / Antonín Dvořák / New Helsinki Quartet
Philippe Herreweghe / Ludwig van Beethoven / Mannion / Remmert / Taylor / Hauptmann / Orchestre des Champs-Élysées / La Chapelle Royale / Collegium Vocale Gent

  • It's debated whether we should always begin with composers, for file directory reasons (if you tag by release artist). It won't help when there are more than one composer, though.