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Status: My research, questions & comments for the upcoming CSG for release & release group names. This is NOT a guideline. It's for discussion. Possible future use: CSG examples that won't be in the official guideline.

The general guidelines for Release group names

The old CSGv2 release & releasegroup proposal

Use what's printed?

It's mostly like "normal" MusicBrainz.

CHAN 9052

Don't add composers to the title, fix caps & errors, join multiple works w. slash:

Symphonie Fantastique / Le Corsaire

The comment field

What's different is that we add performers to the comment field for disambiguation (there are more Symphonie Fantastiques (?) in MB). correct? btw Do recordings need performers disambiguation?

(Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra feat. conductor Gennady Rozdestvensky)

as before, only add performers who performs on every track on the release?

Split releases

Classical releases are entered w. the composer as artist. If there are 2 composers, use both:

Janáček String Quartets 1 & 2
Dvořák from Cypresses

New Helsinki Quartet
apex 0927 40603 2