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Status: My research, questions & comments for the upcoming CSG for release & release groups. This is NOT a guideline.

The general guidelines for Release group names

The old CSGv2 release & releasegroup proposal

Composer as artist

The ReleaseArtist of a classical Release should always include the composer(s), except when "Various Artists" is used. See below.

Single composer, single work

Ludwig van Beethoven -
Missa Solemnis
from PPC 8601

As with tracklists, use what's printed. In this case capitalization won't be an issue, because in the artist field we will get the name of the artist from the database:

Release title:   Missa Solemnis
Release artist:  Ludwig van Beethoven / Jussi Björling

In release artist field, begin with composer & use a slash between the artists. Also only use artists printed on the front cover. In this case, there are more artists listed on the rear side of the case. Create links between recordings & the appropriate performers using Advanced Relationships.

missa solemnis
mannion remmert taylor hauptmann
la chapelle royale • collegium vocale gent
orchestre des champs-élysées
philippe herreweghe
from HMX 2901557

A different release of the same work. More performers are listed on the cover:

Release title:   Missa Solemnis
Release artist:  Ludwig van Beethoven / Orchestre des Champs-Élysées / La Chapelle Royale / Collegium Vocale Gent / 
                  Philippe Herreweghe

After composer; orchestra/choir, conductor & lastly soloists. This time I had to fix capitalization; don't enter all caps or no caps-titles.

Single composer

from CHAN 9052

For the title, fixing caps & errors, joining multiple works with a slash as in multipletitlestyle.

Release title:   Symphonie Fantastique / Le Corsaire
Release artist:  Hector Berlioz / Kungliga Filharmoniska Orkestern / Геннадий Николаевич Рождественский

In the artist field the name will be the current version of the artist in MusicBrainz.

Multiple composers

Janáček String Quartets 1 & 2
Dvořák from Cypresses
New Helsinki Quartet
from apex 0927 40603 2

Use a slash between multiple composers, just as with other performers:

Release title:   Janáček: String Quartets 1 & 2 / Dvořák: from Cypresses
Release artist:  Leoš Janáček / Antonín Dvořák / New Helsinki Quartet

But now we must add the composers to the title, or it could be unclear who wrote what.

  • Use the printed version of the composer's name in the title, don't for instance change scripts.

The same principle applies for 3 composers and so on, but see below for information about when to use "Various Artists".

Various Artists

When dealing with "samplers" & some compilations, we can't add every possible performer or composer in the artist field. But again, use what's printed on the front cover.

  • example

In this case, it's only performers in the artist field: Don't add "Various Artists" for the composers who are not listed on the cover.

  • example2

Here we are clearly dealing with an "Various Artists"-release:

Performers for recordings

maybe for another page? The correct way to enter performers in MB is by using Advanced Releationships between the recordings & the performer, and you should always do that.

But we also need a minimum of performers in the comment field, for disambiguation when we search for recordings (there are more Symphonie Fantastiques (?) in MB). correct? btw Do recordings need performers disambiguation?

(Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra feat. conductor Gennady Rozdestvensky)

as before, only add performers who performs on every track on the release?