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Status: My research, questions & comments for the upcoming CSG for release & release groups. This is NOT a guideline.

The general guidelines for Release group names

The old CSGv2 release & releasegroup proposal


Physical Media

For releases of physical media, the release title will be sourced from the front cover. When a physical cover is not available, the title should be taken from a reliable online source. As a last resort, a standardized list of works can be used.

Why not from the spine?

"The cover" or "front cover" is mentioned many times on this page. This is because it (usually) gives the most detailed title and performer information. There is only so much room on the spine.

Itzhak Perlman
Pinchas Zukerman
Mozart: Duos
for Violin & Viola
Leclair: Sonata
for 2 Violins

"Mozart * Leclair -- Duos -- Perlman * Zukerman"
example from RD60735

Also, the titles given on the cover and spine can differ. Even language can differ. So using what's printed on the front cover is always recommended.

Digital media

Preferably from the label's page? Otherwise as with physical media.

Featured artists

The ReleaseArtist of a classical Release should include the composer(s) & performers who are listed on the front cover. Except when "Various Artists" is used, see below.

  • Use artists featured on the cover only - don't add artists from back cover, inside of booklet and so on.

Single artist

Not so common in classical, usually the composer + a couple of performers will be listed.

example from CLG 7102

Release title:   3 Violin Sonatas
Release artist:  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

I had to fix capitalization; don't enter all caps or no caps-titles.

Multiple artists

missa solemnis
mannion remmert taylor hauptmann
la chapelle royale • collegium vocale gent
orchestre des champs-élysées
philippe herreweghe
from HMX 2901557

A vocal work will usually have more performers listed on the cover. Use a slash + spaces to separate artists. Most prominently featured artists first, then from top to bottom:

Release title:   Missa solemnis
Release artist:  Philippe Herreweghe / Ludwig van Beethoven / Mannion / Remmert / Taylor / Hauptmann / Orchestre des Champs-Élysées / La Chapelle Royale / 
                  Collegium Vocale Gent

Enter the artist as printed on the cover, with caps fixes. Use the field "Artist as credited" when MB & the cover differs.

  • As-printed issue - what do you think of using just the family names for the soloists here (as printed on cover)?
  • It's debated whether we should always begin with composers, for file directory reasons (if you tag by release artist). It won't help when there's multiple composers involved though, Bach's music could end up under Tchaikovsky?

Multiple composers

Janáček String Quartets 1 & 2
Dvořák from Cypresses
New Helsinki Quartet
from apex 0927 40603 2

Use a slash between multiple composers, just as with other performers:

Release title:   Janáček: String Quartets 1 & 2 / Dvořák: from Cypresses
Release artist:  Leoš Janáček / Antonín Dvořák / New Helsinki Quartet

But now we must add the composers to the release title, or it could be unclear who wrote what.

  • Use the printed version of the composer's name in the title, don't for instance change scripts.

The same principle applies for 3 composers and so on, but see below for information about when to use "Various Artists".

Various Artists

When dealing with "samplers" & some compilations, we can't add every possible performer or composer in the artist field, even if they are listed on the front cover.
For example Naxos Ten Years of Success.
Here we are clearly dealing with an "Various Artists"-release:

Release title:   Ten Years of Success
Release artist:  Various Artists

But mostly there will be one or more performer to use:
The Art of Coloratura • Kunst der Koloratur • L'Art de la coloratura
Kurt Eichhorn Dirigent
Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart

Before NGS, this would have been a VA release, or possibly attributed only to Gruberová. Now we enter all performers in the artist field:

Release title:   Kunst der Koloratur
Release artist:  Edita Gruberová / Kurt Eichhorn / Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart
  • Don't add "Various Artists" in the artist field for the composers who are not listed on the cover.

Release title and language

Single language

If the title or list of works on the cover is only printed in one language, that's what we use for Release title. Even if the tracklist has multiple languages. The CLG 7102 Mozart violin sonatas above is an example of this. The tracklist is in both German and English, so if we enter the German version:

Release title:   3 Violin Sonatas
Tracklist:       1. Sonate für Violine und Klavier e-moll KV 304: Allegro
  • If you want to enter a translation, you're not entering an official release any more. See pseudo-releases.

Multiple languages

CD V-11
Two Wedding Cantatas BWV 202 & 210
Zwei Hochzeitskantaten BWV 202 & 210
Weichet nur, betrübte Schatten / O holder Tag, erwünschte Zeit
from Brilliant Classics 93102/117

Two... and Zwei... are actually printed in all caps but with a bigger font for all beginning letters.
As with tracklists, just choose one language per release. When possible, use the same language for the release title as the release language & tracklist.

Release title:     Two Wedding Cantatas BWV 202 & 210: Weichet nur, betrübte Schatten / O holder Tag, erwünschte Zeit
Release artist:    Johann Sebastian Bach
Release language:  English
Tracklist:         1. Weichet nur, betrübte Schatten BWV 202: Wedding Cantata: 1. Aria Weichet nur, betrübte Schatten

The quotes are only available in German, so that's what we use. Subtitlestyle applies (colon after first line).

  • The same logic applies if it's the other way around and there are multiple versions of the release title but only one tracklist: Set the release language corresponding to what title you enter, the tracklist will look the same in either language.
  • If we use only family names in the missa solemnis example above, shouldn't we use only "Bach" here too?
  • I excluded the super-title from the tracklist here (Two Wedding Cantatas: I. Weichet...)??

There is a possibility to enter this tracklist as officially italian too, the subtitles are printed like "Hochzeitskantate/Wedding Cantatas/Cantate nupiale". But there's no corresponding release title in italian, so I chose the German version here, same as the work language.

Release title:     Zwei Hochzeitskantaten BWV 202 & 210: Weichet nur, betrübte Schatten / O holder Tag, erwünschte Zeit
Release artist:    Johann Sebastian Bach
Release language:  Italian
Tracklist:         1. Weichet nur, betrübte Schatten BWV 202: Cantate nuptiale: 1. Aria Weichet nur, betrübte Schatten

Translations & pseudo-releases


Release Groups

Will in many cases have the same name and artists as the release. But since there can be more than one release in a single releasegroup, there are 2 potential issues:

  • an original release and a reissue can have different titles
  • the releases within a release group can have different languages

Original/reissue titles

Use the title of the first release (OriginalData), or the earliest release available in the release group.

Different languages

If the first release available is entered with different titles but identical release dates, we must choose. Suggestions:

  • 1. Use the language of the recording label (if available among the alternatives)
  • 2. If 1. doesn't work, try work language?
  • 3. Use what makes most sense to you and explain why in the edit notes.
  • never use the title of a pseudo-release for the release group.