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Status: Notes, questions & comments from the discussions about CSG for works & recordings & mb-style. This is NOT a guideline.

The docs for works & recordings should probably contain a disclaimer "for experienced editors" or somehting?

The process so far:

Recording names

Probably the least discussed. I *think* we have a consensus about using the default worktitle.


It looks like we can finally get rid of the old UI-workaround, which meant that we had to add performers to the title of the release and releasegroup. However, we still need a way to distinguish between different recordings of the same work, so we ask that you add the primary performer(s) to the comment field for the recording. Try to keep it to a minimum, only what's needed to sepearate the recording from another recording of the same work.


Not available, but there is an open ticket.

Work names

We're discussing what should be the source right now.



should be standardized local versions of the workname (+ if the work really has another name; maybe 2 different common names in one langugage)

Key for generic works

"if there is a well defined and non-ambiguous title given by the author, additional information is extra." well said by caramel31


Pete happened to mention the comment field.

Movement numbers

I believe it's built in as a part of a bigger work, but do we have part of work AR yet? I recommend using the comment field if a movement number is needed for work disambiguation. Ex.

I. Allegro
II. Largo
III. Allegro

Don't add anything

Tempo for generic works