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Real name : Tarragon M. Allen

I edit as 'tma' and am Musicbrainz' official "StyleDude". I am also a Musicbrainz automoderator. I used to edit as 'melange'. I requested this to be changed when I accepted the post of Style Dude. My sparse homepage is here: and I host a Richard D. James discography here: I have a live webcam here : My public GPG encryption key is here:

I work as a Systems Administrator for an ISP called OnTheNet ( which is based in in the state of Victoria in Australia.

In my role as the Style Dude, my responsibilities lie in deciding on the general style guidelines for data entry into the Musicbrainz database. This means that I oversee the style guidelines page at, and am also responsible for dealing with issues raised in the Wiki, in IRC, on the mailing lists (MailingList), and also in day to day database edits. 

As I have only recently taken over these duties, it is evident to me that the present system needs a number of clarifications, and in particular the Wiki needs to be neatened up with redundant and erroneous entries removed entirely.

I've moved my work in progress to TarragonAllensTodoList.