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Time Dilation

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Me, me, me, me!

Hey there. This is my ego's personal wiki page. I'm a London born Malaysian who can't speak, read, write or understand Malay/Bahasa Melayu. I mean, saya boleh cakap, baca, tulis dan faham sikit bahasa melayu but not enough to hold a conversation let alone translate competently :( (or God forbid, explain the Style Guidelines to someone :S ). I sporadically edit on grime, garage, dance, rock and Malaysian releases but rarely stray from my subscribed artists.

My Top 50 artists (sized by number of listens) can be found here. I don't post on the mailing lists but I like reading them via Nabble / Nabble 2(?).

To Check


I will get around to doing

  1. Adding the following releases that I own:
    • Akala & Ms. Dynamite - A Little Darker (single disc version) (N.B. I don't actually own this)
    • O.G'z - OG Season, Volume 1
    • Ruff Sqwad - Guns & Roses, Volume 1 (Reissue)
    • VA - Big Club Hits (disc 2)
    • VA - HMV Playlist May 2006 (SDR39A)
    • VA - Mixology: Mixed By DJ Fuzz
    • VA - Voyager Golden Record (<==My astrophysics degree demands that I do this :D)
  2. AR-ing the following releases:
  3. Generally just adding more releases from Malaysian hip-hop artists/groups and UK grime artists/groups.
  4. Voting on edits on artist I'm not subscribed to. (Meh).
  5. Ask about:
    • Featuring artist on group releases
    • AR to group or individual vocalists?
    • Release Events for mixtapes first released with no barcode then released two months later with barcodes.

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