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''Italic text''“It generally starts with me tinkling on a synth or a piano, then the words come.”''Italic text''
No surprise then, from a talent that can be traced back generations to a great great grandfather who was taught to play by Chopin. He was the composer Michel Bergson also father to the renowned philosopher Henri Bergson.
With music hardwired in the family DNA, Frank Pescod is the youngest of three musical brothers and has adopted the moniker To Be Frank. Releasing ‘If You Love Her’ earlier this year on Solebay Music, Franks own start-up label - eschewing the traditional ‘please sign me’ dream of most new artists.  The single is a sparse, haunting debut that’s already picked up fans at BBC Radio 1’s ‘Introducing’ show - a key barometer of breaking talent and beyond, leaving tastemakers eager to hear more.
Frank was born in Hackney but left London at a young age - finding space both literally and figuratively to develop and find his own sound. His first foray into music was always going to be the family band with his two brothers. ''Italic text''“Jack is an amazing piano player and with Matt on guitar I found my voice and started to sing as well as play. We all wanted different things, so it was short lived but we still all help on each others projects though..”''''Italic text''''
As with many struggling artists, a series of Mc Jobs funded early exploration and musical development and whilst working as a pizza chef, with Yannis and Ed from Foals on bar duty in the same restaurant, the creative energy of Oxford spurred Frank forward with his own music.
''Italic text''“I was living in Oxford in my late teens and was promoter at the Jericho Tavern [spiritual home of Radiohead in their On A Friday years, Supergrass and a staple of the touring circuit.] Putting on new acts I liked the sound of, discovering bands like Stornoway, and loving what I was doing, whilst writing my songs along the way.''Italic text''
He has not gone un-noticed with the support and backing from a young age of top producer Sam Williams ( Supergrass ) and more recently top pop writer Eg White ( Adele, Duffy, James Morrison) who happens to have a studio down the road from Frank’s. To Be Frank is a vehicle that perfectly sums up the man. Honest, direct and without pretence.  It’s early days but there is an album in the works and a series of releases planned for 2013 that will showcase the depth and talent of To Be Frank: multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer.

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