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Release title

Enter the release title as it appears on the release, following the general guidance for titles, which includes capitalisation, subtitles and multiple titles.

Where the title differs slightly between the front cover and the spine, favour the title on the front. Where additional information (e.g. a subtitle) is available on the spine, include this. You should aim for completeness, as this will be most useful for searches, but do not include text which is not part of the title.

The order of the different sections of a title can usually be determined by their order on the cover or spine, or by their prominence indicated by size of typeface.

There may be additional text on the cover that is not part of the title, so should not be entered. For example, usually the artist's name or a featuring artist should not be entered in the title, but it should be in the case of "The Best of Artist" or an eponymous release. Similarly, descriptive text such as "20 chart-topping hits" should not usually be entered.