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Enter the release title as it appears on the release, following the style principles of error correction and artist intent and general guidance for titles, which includes capitalisation, subtitles and multiple titles.

todo: eponymous release.


Physical media

The primary source for the title should be the front cover, although the title may be found on the spine or, if the release has no cover, on the media's label. When no title can be found on the release, find the title at a reliable online source.

Where the title differs slightly between the front cover and the spine, favour the title on the front. Where additional information (e.g. a subtitle) is available on the spine, include this. You should aim for completeness, as this will be most useful for searches, but do not include text which is not part of the title.

Digital media

For digital media, use the label's page or other official source. Avoid using information from resellers.


The title alone, excluding introductory and other text.


If a release includes a designation such as EP or E.P., 7", CD, LP, single, etc. as part of its title, include it in the Release Title. If a format designation is not explicitly part of the title, it should not be added.

Other text

The Release title should not contain artists unless they are clearly part of the title as in "Bernstein Conducts Stravinsky" or "Respect: The Very Best of Aretha Franklin", or for multi-artist releases as outlined below. Similarly, descriptive text such as "20 chart-topping hits" should not usually be entered.


The order of the different parts of a title can usually be determined by their order on the cover or spine, or by their prominence indicated by size of typeface.

Specific types

Single track or work releases

Use the title as printed.

A list of tracks or works

Use the works as credited and separate them with a slash.

Title and a list of tracks or works

If a release contains both a title and a list of works it is recommended that only the title is used.

A list of tracks or works by different artists or composers

For every work, add the composer as credited. Separate the composer/artist from the work/track with a colon.

Multi-language titles

The release title and tracklist should match, if possible.

  • Don't add your own translation unless you are entering a pseudo-release.

A list of artists

In rare cases there are no credited tracks or works, only artists. Separate artists with a slash.

Release Group Title

Classical releases are often multilingual, and the standard guidelines for selecting a Release Group title in MusicBrainz may not work. See if one language is highlighted: bold typeface, bigger letters or similar.
If the title differs between different releases in the same release group, try to find the most used version. If that fails, use the earliest release.


Italian Opera Arias
The 5 Cello Sonatas
String Quartets
Great Violinists - Heifetz
The Last Night of the Proms
Christmas With Robert Shaw
Symphony no. 14, op. 135
When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom'd
Saint-Saëns' Sonata and Other French Music
Sinfonietta Giocosa / Toccata e Due Canzoni / Sinfonietta La Jolla
Magnificat, BWV 243 / Cantata "Ich habe genug", BWV 82
Concertos pour 1 & 2 violons / Concerto pour violon & hautbois
Bernstein Conducts Stravinsky
The Complete Organ Music, Volume 7
Ravel: Introduction and allegro / Debussy: Danses Sacrée et profane / Music by Roger-Ducasse & Grandjany
Brahms: Fest- und Gedenksprüche / Brahms: Drei Motetten / Strauss: Zwei Gesänge
Violin Concerto s/b English tracktitles, probably
Saint-Saëns / Ravel / Martin

Title Style
Special Cases/Misc.