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Picard Sidecar Plugin


This plugin allows metadata edits to be exported to 'sidecar' files without changing the original files. These files can also be imported against unmatched files to move them to the albums list. Both actions are context menu items, but note that the export is only available for albums, so the album folders need to be closed up so that individual tracks are not selected.

Why it's useful

I wanted to be able to 'stage' a batch of tag changes so I could apply them both locally and to a remote disk where I keep my backups, without needing to resync all the data.


The tag files are the same name as the music files but with a '.tag' extension. By default, the tag files are written to the same directory, but there are some hard-coded variables that allow mapping to be enabled, so that tags are stored in a parallel structure to the music files:

set to True False to enable/disable
Root for music files e.g. 'C:\\Music' (backslashes must be doubled up)
Root for tags e.g. 'C:\\Tags'

Yes - ideally this would be an options page, but I'm not familiar with Qt and this plugin was a quick fix anyway

The Plugin