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Yurim.png Matthias [ MB: Yurim | IRC: Yurim | Yurim | Languages: ]
Matthias lives in Munich and loves all sorts of music.


Learned by advice

Comments (for Copy 'n' Paste)

moved featured artists from title to artist credits (see [Style/Artist_Credits/Featured_artists])
typographically-correct punctuation (see [Style/Miscellaneous])

You may want to correct the capitalization (see [Style/Language/English]). The "Guess case" button is your friend. (Well, almost. You have to check afterwards.)
Use a colon (:) to separate multi‐line parts of a release title (if no other dividing punctuation mark is present). See [Style/Titles/Subtitles].
[Style/Titles/Volume_numbers] explains how to enter volume numbers. The "Guess case" button is your friend. 
The disambiguation comments are fields in the database used to help distinguish identically named artists, labels and other entities. See [Disambiguation_Comment].
Please enter as much information as possible. Can you provide a barcode, a label, a catalog number, a scan of the back cover, anything that helps other editors to approve your edit? See [How_to_Write_Edit_Notes].
The release can be found on amazon or discogs, so you can provide a link.
Please enter extra title information as described in [Style/Titles/Extra_title_information].
Please follow [Style/Artist_Credits/Featured_artists] for featured artists.
If you have the CD at hand, could you enter the DiscID ([How_to_Add_Disc_IDs])? And while you're at it, you may want to add the fingerprints ([AcoustID]).
If you want to add additional information like who recorded it, where was it mastered, etc. you may want to use the relationship editor. See [How_to_Use_the_Relationship_Editor].



  • You can use the MusicBrainz ID in the relationship editor
    • Klicking through tons of similar items? Search in another window and put the URL in the input line.
  • Enter Unicode
    • Linux: <CTRL-SHIFT-u>, <hex-code>, <space>
    • Windows: Press and hold <ALT>, <+> on the numpad, <hex-code>, release <ALT>


Recordings from this artist containing "feat."
Rename audiobook tracks from "Chapter XX-0Y: Chaptername" to "Chapter XX: “Chaptername”, Part Y
javascript:(function(){$('.track-name').each(function(index, element){$(this).val(this.value.replace(/(Chapter \d+)-0(\d+): (.*)/, function(match, p1, p2, p3, offset, string){return p1 + ": \u201c" + p3 + "\u201d, Part " + p2})).change();})}());
Switch all checkboxes on "Edit Release" -> "Recordings"
javascript:(function(){$(".changes table input[type=checkbox]").each(function(){})}());

Open questions

  • How can edits be protected?
    • Sometimes the spelling is special, some annotations are non-trivial. Is there a way to subscribe to releases instead of artists?
    • At that time, there's only two ways to "protect" stuff: (a) write a big fat warning in the release annotation and/or (b) subscribe to the artists, and vote/watch the changes. Now, there's some discussion to address this in DataQuality. -- RobertKaye 2007-02-12
  • Will there be more filters and options to search for edits?
    • I'm still missing "order by closing date", "All my open edits that have comments from someone else", "All open edits from other editors that I commented" and "All my open edits that are in conflict with another open edit".


I think this is a good place to collect open questions and resolved issues. Drop me a line if I'm wrong. I will delete this page then.

  • Please don't delete it. It's your page after all ;). Now, maybe this is not the most appropriate place to ask questions, as most people won't notice (errr... well, that leaves you with answers from the "not-most" people :p). There are two good places for fast answers: the users mailing list, and IRC. -- dmppanda 20:54, 27 October 2006 (UTC)
  • and the new forum -- JoanW