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This page is for collecting information about languages currently spoken by Moderators. This could help with various matters, for example when you are editing an entry in a language you don't know well and wish to have advice from someone who knows the language better.

The following SubPages list all moderators who speak that language


  • (This list is automatically generated)

How to Add Yourself

Please add your native language(s) and any others that you feel proficient in or knowledgeable about.

This is how it works: Add the languages you know to your UserPage like this ["ModeratorLanguage/Klingon/Native"]. This way people will be able to find you using the BackLinks to the language-pages above. These language-pages all have exactly three SubPages: /Native, /Fluent, and /Some.

If you speak a language that is not listed here, please add and create the appropirate language-page using the ModeratorLanguageTemplate.

If you are willing to provide translation help to others, please add your information to OnlineTranslator under "Other Resources" as shown, thanks


Is it on purpose or by mistake that the actual links from moderators' pages don't lead anywhere? I'm not too familiar with all this wiki magic... //bnw

  • Something in between. If you want the links to lead to pages, then you'd have to create them. But there is no real value in these SubPages. I think it is cleanest to create them. See discussion on ModeratorLanguage/French/Native. --DonRedman Update: These pages have now been created. At least most of them. If you still stumble over a dead link, please create the respective SubPage and make it a #REDIRECT to its parent. --DonRedman

Does anyone know why I (and Zout, and maybe others) aren't listed? I really don't need this feature actually, but just letting you know there might be some people missing from the lists... --azertus

  • Just because didn't add yourself. Read the section above and modify your userpage then you will be listed. Everyone has to do this himself. --Shepard
    • Sigh, I did add myself and I used to be listed... --azertus
      • Looking at your userpage you are not added correctly ;) --Shepard