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This page is for collecting information about languages currently spoken by Moderators. This could help with various matters, for example when you are editing an entry in a language you don't know well and wish to have advice from someone who knows the language better.

So please add your native language(s) and any others that you feel proficient in or knowledgeable about.

(This could be an RFE and we could ask for this to be put on the Moderator Profile page but then we will need a search function and so on: maybe this simple page could do the work.)

Moderator Native Language(s) Secondary Language(s)
azertus Dutch/Flemish English, (French)
bnw Swedish English, Dutch/Flemish, (Norwegian, Danish, German)
ClutchEr2 Italian English, Latin
DJKC English Japanese
DonRedman German, French English, (Arabic)
dseomn English Latin, (Esperanto)
Fuchs German English, (Russian)
G0llum SchwitzerDütsch German, English, French
lindestinel French English, (Japanese)
LuKz Slovak Czech, English
mo Norwegian English, (Swedish, Danish)
Nikki English French
rob German English
Shepard German English
uraani Finnish English, Swedish


Wouldn't it make more sense to sort this page by native and then seconday languages? Someone looking for a help with a particular language will probably find it easier to check it that way than if it's alphabetically sorted by our user names.

Um, this is a wiki and sorted lists do not make any sense here, really. Better use wiki featues instead: You could make a SubPage for each language (maybe like this /NativeEnglish and /SecondaryEnglish or leave the Native/Secondary part out). Then each Editor can add their language to their category person page here on the wiki. (in my example ModeratorLanguage/NativeGerman, ModeratorLanguage/NativeFrench, ModeratorLanguage/SecondaryEnglish and ModeratorLanguage/SecondaryArabic). Then you can just get a list of all people speaking natively German via BackLinks. MoinMoin offers the possibility to list these pages on this page with macros like [[FullSearch(ModeratorLanguage/NativeGerman)]]. See HelpOnMacros and HelpOnEditing/SubPages for details. --DonRedman

  • I like this idea more, although I think I would prefer 'native', 'fluent' and 'some' to 'native' and 'secondary'. Secondary doesn't really give us any idea of just how much of the language someone speaks, Rob's English is obviously much better than, say, LuKz' because he actually lives in an English speaking country. Is there a way of doing it so that you could get a list of all English speakers, and then if you wanted, a list of all native English speakers? --Nikki

If English is our only language, should we bother to ad ourselves? --SenRepus

  • No, of course not! People who speak only English and expect the rest of the world to do so, too, are arrogant and do not deserve to be listed here ;-D (soryy, could not resist) -- DonRedman DelteWhenCooked