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This page is for collecting information about languages currently spoken by Moderators. This could help with various matters, for example when you are editing an entry in a language you don't know well and wish to have advice from someone who knows the language better.

See Category:Moderator Language for a list of all languages spoken by users.

How to Add Yourself

For each language you wish to include, add {{lang code-fluency}} to your user page.

Replace code with the ISO 639 code for the language and replace fluency with native, fluent or some. Wikipedia has a list of ISO 639-1 language codes (if there is no ISO 639-1 code, ISO 639-3 codes can be used instead).

For example, if you are a native English speaker, you would add {{lang en-native}}. If you're a fluent speaker of Spanish, you would add {{lang es-fluent}} and if you can speak some Russian, you would add {{lang ru-some}}.

If you are the first person to add a language/fluency level, you may find that there is no existing template, in which case you may want to create the page by copying and adapting the code from an existing template, e.g. lang en-native, lang en-fluent and lang en-some.