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detailed changes (significant ones in bold):

  • removed numbering and reorganized into topical sections. Rationale: easier to read/understand
  • consolidated guideline #1 and #6 into a section regarding release types. Rationale: put related information together
  • Reformat guideline #2 into section on artist credits. Rationale: that's what guideline 2 is about.
  • specified that the recording artist should be the performer, in line with proposal RFC-348. This includes [unknown] performers. Rationale: Makes work performance lists useful.
  • described what to do with recordings when the performer is not suitable for an MB-artist (use [soundtrack]. Rationale: prevents creation of bogus artists.
  • Specify how to handle track credits, how to handle 'unsuitable' artists as above, and specify fallback when there are no specifically-listed track artists. Rationale: Track credits exist to capture credited artists, so recommend doing so. Assume tracklist with no credits is shorthand for listing the release artist for every track
  • Specify that cast information should usually go in the disambiguation. Rationale: cast information is currently inserted into the title as a means of disambiguating releases, not because it's part of the title. Disambiguation stuff belongs in the disambiguation comment field, not in the title.
  • specify the use of [unknown] for unknown writers instead of [musical theatre]. Rationale: not everything is musical, and we have the [unknown] artist for this purpose.
  • Reformat exceptions as plain unordered list instead of weird double-level unordered list. Rationale: easier to read, doesn't give the impression that there are two levels of guidelines.
  • Restate guidelines #3 and #5 in a 'disambiguation' section. Rationale: Both cover how to enter cast information, which is now moved into the disambiguation comment (see above)
  • specify that cast information may be entered rather than should. Rationale: No need to enter a disambiguation comment when there is nothing to disambiguate. But still allow people to include cast info if they want.
  • drop the requirement from guideline #3 to exclude ETI. Rationale: There is no reason to do so; the title is the title.
  • Reformat examples, removing weird nbsp hack which appears to be intended to align the examples but doesn't do so. Rationale: easier to read.
  • Reformat guideline #4 into a section on compilations. Rationale: that's what guideline #4 is about.
  • Change guideline #4 / compilations section to specify that casts go in the recording's disambiguation comment. Rationale: consistency with above placement of cast information.
  • update examples in compilations section. Rationale: match the guideline's logical outcome.
  • drop guideline #7. Rationale: Guideline #3a (now part of 'disambiguation' section) already covered this.
  • reformat examples, using less weird indenting, plus headings describing what the example is of. Rationale: Easier to read/understand.
  • use a better non-musical theatre example. Rationale: Remove the noted problem with overlap of the proposed audiobook style.
  • remove a bunch of extraneous bolding and italicizing. Rationale: easier to read. (Not going to do this one line by line, sorry)