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Extra Title Information

I left off the following bit from the ExtraTitleInformation page, because it deals with capitalization, and I think it should be moved to the appropriate capitalization standard:

This Extra Title Information must be put in lower case, except for those cases where it represents a proper name (i.e. the titles of a (re)mix, the names of places or persons, etc.).
    • I would disagree with this; that guideline is common to any ETI situation, regardless of the release's language. Moving it to even the common capitalization standard page would simply split the guideline across two pages, such that the editor now has to know to look in both places. BrianFreud

Featuring artists

I have moved this example here, because Murdos thought it wasn't in line with the current guidelines (Murdos' comment was moved along with it).

Title on release Title in MusicBrainz
Weer geen clubhit (met Laberinto) Weer geen clubhit (met Laberinto)

NOTE: "Featuring" is always written in abbreviated form, but not translated when a track uses an equivalent non-english word.

I don't think there's any consensus on that point. Murdos 23:29, 15 November 2009 (UTC)
I am just trying to rewrite the current guidelines to be clearer, I don't see anything in there which would require users to translate e.g. 'met' to 'feat.' on an otherwise dutch track title. But if you think that changes the guideline I'll remove it for now, and have it go through RFC/RFV at some point. --warp.
For reference, the only previous discussion I could find on this:

Follow the appropriate Capitalization Standard

  • I would strike "by Leonard Cohen"; who the example is by isn't important, and it just makes the text that much longer. BrianFreud
  • "There rules are different" should probably be "The rules are different" BrianFreud