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This is a summary of the ideas proposals on User talk:Reosarevok/Recording Issues, to be used as a quick reference. All of these summaries are based on my interpretation of the proposal - while I've tried to be as accurate as possible, let me know if I've misunderstood your ideas. For more information please see the individual proposal pages.

Number   Proposer   Link   Summary  
1 LordSputnik Link Create a track entity and a master entity to group tracks. Redefine recordings as mixes, and move most production relationships from recordings and releases to masters.
2 Freso Link Various modifications to recordings, including: Move AcoustIDs to tracks, have a place to put shared performance relationships, allow cover art for tracks, and use a smarter recording length system.
3 Warp Link Give tracks MBIDs. Rewrite the recording style guideline to allow more frequent merging, based on recordings corresponding to the "expression" level in FRBR.
4 Mudcrow Link A recording is a mix.
5 Murdos - Thinks the current system is happy with the current system.
6 reosarevok - Would like any new levels to be optional.
7 jesus2099 - Wants to introduce mix, cut and master entities, and define recordings as audio captured in a single studio take. Wants to indicate when a track uses an unknown version of a recording by relating the track to some sort of special recording.
8 nikki Link Would prefer to just define recordings as mixes and put mastering information on releases. If we really have to add new levels, would create a new master level and define recordings as mixes, but minimalising changes to the current system.