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Revision as of 23:58, 6 January 2013 by LordSputnik (talk | contribs) (Started summarizing people's ideas in preparation for tomorrow's meeting.)
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This is a summary of the ideas proposals on User talk:Reosarevok/Recording Issues, to be used as a quick reference. All of these summaries are based on my interpretation of the proposal - while I've tried to be as accurate as possible, let me know if I've misunderstood your ideas. For more information please see the individual proposal pages.

Number   Proposer   Link   Summary  
1 LordSputnik Link Create a track entity and a master entity to group tracks. Redefine recordings as mixes, and move most production relationships from recordings and releases to masters.
2 Freso Link Various modifications to recordings, including: Move AcoustIDs to tracks, have a place to put shared performance relationships, allow cover art for tracks, and use a smarter recording length system.
3 Warp Link Give tracks MBIDs. Rewrite the recording style guideline to allow more frequent merging, based on recordings corresponding to the "expression" level in FRBR.
4 Mudcrow Link A recording is a mix.
5 Murdos - Thinks the current system is happy with the current system.
6 reosarevok - Would like any new levels to be optional.
7 jesus2099 - Wants to introduce mix, cut and master entities, and define recordings as audio captured in a single studio take. Wants to indicate when a track uses an unknown version of a recording by relating the track to some sort of special recording.
8 nikki Link Create a master entity and redefine recordings as mixes. Changes to the current system should be minimized, by automatically creating masters for all tracks and automatically redirecting all master relationships onto masters, without needing any modifications to the release relationship editor.