Virtual Duplicate Release

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A virtual duplicate release is a release that was never released with this form of the tracklisting but is another representation of a release entity in the database. As this it is a legal DuplicateRelease and is not to be merged!

Examples of virtual duplicates

This lists some examples of releases that were duplicated to have a representation of them in other scripts or to have a version without Unicode characters that could cause tagging issues. It does NOT list releases that were actually released in different countries (so with different track listings) - therefore these releases are virtual. Also this cannot be a complete list since there may be hundreds of them under Japanese artists.

In a future database version it might be possible to store the different representations together with the original. Until then please leave notes in the ReleaseAnnotations.

Update: Everybody seems to be in agreement of an AdvancedRelationship to bind translated and transliterated albums together untill a permanent solution to merge versions is completed so we won't have to add ReleaseAnnotations. A RFV is being submitted to MB-style for final input.