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Basing the Documentation on the Wiki

Alert.png Warning the pages on WikiDocs are currently in transition.

This is CurrentWork.

We want to base more of the main site's content on the very good documentation that has evolved in this wiki.


The main idea of the WikiDocs is that there will be no separate documentation. All docs will be in the MusicBrainzWiki. Think of it like an open source project with a development and a stable release: The wiki markup text and the versions stored in the wiki are like the source code in CVS. The wiki as rendered by the wiki engine is like the development release, it contains the bleeding edge ideas, docs, discussions etc. This is good but confusing for new users. Thus we make something like a stable release of the wiki which consists of a structured portal to a moderated mirror of the wiki. See WikiDocsConcept for more details.

The components of the WikiDocs

Current Model

Initial idea


Related Implementations

Related projects and ideas on other wikis:

  • WikiTransclusion used by the High Availability Linux project for their documentation.

Progress of this Project

The WikiDocsPlan will describe the steps towards a complete WikiDocs system (I just don't have the time to write it up yet --DonRedman)

There has been a first attempt to do this in a separate wiki, but this has been stopped because of some concerns for this wiki.

DonRedman has written DonsWikiDocsConcept to describe his concerns and offer a solution. This is of historical interest only. There is also a full discussion (mostly between Dupuy and DonRedman).

Then RobertKaye and DonRedman have met in Hamburg, drank some beer and thought of this WikiDocsConcept.

JohnCarter has taken up the job of the actual WikiMigration, in which this wiki has been moved from UseMod (former) to MoinMoin (current).

Can all WikiDocs moderators be listed, maybe on this page? --Zout