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WikiDoc Moderators

WikiDocModerators are the pople who take care of the WikiDocPages. The confusing bit is that there are two WikiDocs in place. The old deprectated, which the MuiscBrainzSite currently accesses via urls like, and the new WikiDocs which is bing developed on Zouts test server.

Old, Dying, and Deprectated /wd/ WikiDocs

The following people have write access to

New /doc/ WikiDocs in Development

Since currently WikiDocs is not set in place, there are no WikiDocModerators, yet.

There is, however, an alpha test of WikiDocs on

If you want to help to set up the new WikiDocs (and this means correcting links in the SiteMenu, adding pages to the ModeratedRevisionTable and editing wiki pages, thus work on content), you can contact DonRedman or ask on the ExpertsMailingList.

The ModeratedRevisionTable is currently at