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WikiDocs Pages

Attention.png This page lists all wiki pages that should be part of the initial WikiDocs launch and listed in the ModeratedRevisionTable

General Issues

To decide which pages nedd to be moderated I ask myself two questions:

  • What pages are relevant to a newcomer to MusicBrainz? These are the pages that should be moderated. Pages that are only relevant to people who are already accustomed to MusciBrainz can stay in the MusicBrainzWiki and do not need to be moderated, since a member of the MusicBrainz community can (or should learn to) retrieve informaiton from the wiki.
  • What pages reflect an official position of the MusicBrainz project? The responsible persons need to have some control over these pages, thus they need to be moderated.

Generally I try to have as few pages in the ModeratedRevisionTable as possible. I think we should start out low. We can always add more pages later if we get problems with spammers and vandals. MoinMoin has an AntiSpamGlobalSolution against the latter.

Pages to Become WikiDocs Pages

Status: I am currently reworking the list into a table that shows which content is where.

Initially I started a semi-structured list with the idea of creating a new MainSiteStructure. But now we first need an overview about the status quo, and the sturcture created by G0llum is pretty good to start with. See also MusicBrainzDocumentation and even more importantly RestructuringTheDocumentation for some prior work on this (especially proposed WikiNames). This table follows the structure of the new top menu bar:

Position in SiteMenu Current URL Corresponding WikiPage Notes TODO Priority
About MusicBrainz MusicBrainz That is the page which hosts the content in question. I have no problems with the WikiName, but Alex once said it was not that good. review WikiPage {*} {*} {*}
Privacy which redirects to ModeratorPrivacy The WikiPage contains some discussion but not the content of the current static page. There is no /wd/ page. Dupuy Proposed to leave this as a static page, this is a contract with our users after all. decide {o} {o} {o}
History MusicBrainzRoots review WikiPage and intertwingle {*} {*} {o}
People PeopleBehindMusicBrainz We need to decide whether to use one single page or inclusions to OfficialBio SubPages in the wiki. do page and intertwingle {*} {*} {o}
Licenses MusicBrainzLicense or DataLicense Is that a good WikiName? Should that be a WikiPage at all? See Privacy. copy content from html and intertwingle {o} {o} {o}
Social Contract SocialContract Same situation as Privacy above decide {o} {o} {o}
Software none yet OtherPrograms would be analog to OtherDatabases, but is not ideal. MusicBrainzClient is better, but currently redirects to ClientLibrary create new WikiPage, copy content, intertwingle {*} {*} {o}
Logos none not really important, IMO {o} {o} {o}
Statistics MusicBrainzStatistics ? A wikipage that lists all available stats would be good create WikiPage and intertwingle {*} {o} {o}
Mirrors MusicBrainzMirror since this has descriptive text, which is bound to change, that would be good create WikiPage and intertwingle {*} {o} {o}
Elections none Automatically generated page cannot be wikified leave it {o} {o} {o}
General News none Unwikifiable page {o} {o} {o}
Blog redirects to {o} {o} {o}
Server, libmusicbrainz, libtunepimp, MusicBranz Tagger, Picard none Unwikifiable pages {o} {o} {o}
In the Press MusicBrainzInThePress That should be updated by the community create WikiPage and intertwingle {*} {o} {o}
Download AvailableDownloads or MusicBrainzDownloads ? That should list the available datadumps too, IMO {*} {*} {o}
MusicBrainz Tagger MusicBrainzTagger seems to be more or less the same review page {*} {*} {*}

... More to add

  • It is my understanding that very few of the actual documentation needs to be moderated. Ideally those pages that give a structured introduction to all pages which document a certain feature should be moderated, but these actual pages should not. It is enough that the introductory page declares that the rest is maintaned by the wiki community. Only if we experience vandalism, should we add all these pages to the ModeratedRevisionTable --DonRedman * AdvancedRelationships (once this has stabilzed and only if we have troubles with vandals all the subpages) * EditType (but IMO not the edit type pages themeselves) * ... * MusicBrainzTerminology ** probably all pages of Category Terminology