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Wiki Cleanup TODO List

Splitting off discussion sections

Some of the pages had already had the discussion split into separate pages in MoinMoin but there's plenty which are still on the main article page. If you search for "discussion" or "comments" you can find pages containing "==Discussion==" or "==Comments==". The heading should be removed and all the discussion underneath goes on the Talk: page. "==Comments==" can contain discussion, but doesn't have to. Don't accidentally move the categories too.

Fixing up the old `` hack from MoinMoin

We used to write things like "CamelCasePage``s" and those got converted as "[[Camel Case Page|CamelCasePage]]<code><nowiki></nowiki></code>s". If you search for "code" you can see the ones like this and clean them up.

  • Searches for "code" indicate there are none left, but I've stumbled across a few, so maybe the search approach doesn't quite work? --Voiceinsideyou 07:34, 31 March 2009 (UTC)

BackLinks and FullSearches

BackLinks and FullSearches didn't work any more in MoinMoin and now they're gone completely in MediaWiki. The equivalent of BackLink is Special:Whatlinkshere/Page_Name and FullSearch was mostly used for categories and we have real categories now. The pages need updating to remove the MoinMoin specific stuff and to point people in the right direction. You should be able to find them by searching for "fullsearch" and "backlink". In some cases the pages which used to be listed by FullSearch don't have the necessary categories, in which case they should be added (you can use Special:Whatlinkshere to find the pages which need adding to the category).

  • Advanced Relationship Types - A core part of the documentation; this is a major area that needs to be converted to Categories for the various groupings. In Progress --Voiceinsideyou 11:13, 1 April 2009 (UTC)
    • Major categories (Release-Release, Release-URL etc) Checkmark.png Done --Voiceinsideyou 10:55, 2 April 2009 (UTC)
    • Classes/families Not Started

Accidental spaces at the beginning of lines

There was a minor bug with the conversion script which added a space on the line after "----", which makes the next line appear as preformated text. Those are hard to search for so we just need to remove them as we find them. There are probably also cases where there is deliberate preformatted text that would be better using "<code></code>".

Duplicate titles

MediaWiki handily includes the page name as the title, so we generally don't need the "=Title=" sections. Identical ones were removed by the conversion script, but non-identical ones didn't. If the title doesn't provide any more information than the page name, we should remove it. If the title is better than the page name, we should probably either rename the page or reword the introduction to the page. Again, these are hard to search for so just fix them as you find them.

Removing "Author" sections

Saying someone is the author gives it a sense of ownership and makes other people feel less entitled to edit it, which isn't want we want. This is a wiki so anything people don't want editing mercilessly should be a subpage of the user's page. The "Author" sections rarely list all the authors and you can find out who edited the page (and exactly what they changed) by looking at the history anyway. These are easy to find by searching for "author" and "authors".

Checkmark.png Done. --zout 14:13, 26 March 2009 (UTC)

HTML tags without content

Some pages have "<span id="oldversion"></span>" or similar HTML tags without content. These are anchors within the page (because of the id attribute). We can check if they're being used first by searching for the value within the id="", e.g. a search for compromise. Many of these can be changed to the standard MediaWiki anchors which are created by the headings, e.g. the page in that search has ===Tentative Compromise===, which creates the anchor #Tentative_Compromise and then these empty elements can be safely removed.

Indented lists

There are a number of lists which were indented using "list-style-type: none", which doesn't seem to be indenting properly in MediaWiki. The easiest thing to do is change the HTML to a normal wiki list using **. A search for list-style-type can find these.

Pages with weird markup

  • Country Code: no images
    • Note: This page was broken in MoinMoin too. It would probably be a good idea to merge some of the content into Release Country and delete the rest.
  • Database Installation: The new line characters in the <pre> sections were removed when converting from MoinMoin.
  • Wiki Categories and its discussion page used to link to category pages, but these were turned into [[Category:Name]]. The names need adding back as [[:Category:Name]]


Here's a good example of a page with several of the problems above: ReleaseReleaseRelationship before fixing - the title, FullSearch, the space after "----" and there is was "Release-Release Relationship" category at the time either!