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Alert.png You're probably seeing this page because you tried to edit a wiki page and you didn't log in.

Log In Required

To prevent wiki spam, we require you to log in whenever you try to edit wiki pages, or perform other "unsafe" actions. The username and password are both included in the login dialog box which your browser just showed you.

These are different from your wiki name and password!
Don't try to change the username and password that appear in the dialog, just click on the ok button.

To log in, please press "reload" in your browser, then read the instructions in the login dialog box.

"Safe" and "Unsafe"

"Safe" actions are anything that we can be sure won't modify the wiki:

  • reading pages or sub-pages (with standard wiki names)
  • viewing page histories or diffs
  • viewing pages in "raw" or "printable" mode
  • performing searches

"Unsafe" actions are, by definition, everything else, including but not limited to:

  • previewing an edit
  • submitting an edit

Note to wiki editors: the Apache config specifies that the "401" (Authorization Required) error document is /Wiki_Spam_Protection. Of course, you don't need to log in to read /Wiki_Spam_Protection, because after all you're just reading a page. That's why you end up seeing this page if you don't log in when you should.