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The WikiWebService is a component of the planned WikiDocs. It is the mechanism that transcludes a WikiPage to the MusicBrainzWebSite. It displays pages from the MusicBrainzWiki as uneditable webpages within the normal header, footer, menubar etc. of the MusicBrainz website.

The webservice has to check, whether the requested page is listed in the WikiDocsTransclusionTable.

  • If it is, it pulls the last moderated revision from the MusicBrainzWiki and serves that inside a <div class="WikiDocsContent">.
  • If it is not, it pulls the current revision of the page and serves that inside a <div class="WikiContent">.

Additionally the webservice has to do a lot of WikiDocsConversion stuff. Since that is quite complex, we will have to make very judicious usage of caching.

Old /wd/ Mechanism

MatthiasFriedrich explained me how the content of a MoinMoin wiki page is displayed on the MusicBrainzWebSite:

New /doc/ Meachnism