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[[File:Wim Walker.jpg]]
[[File:Wim Walker.jpg]]
== Early life ==
== Early life ==

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Saqlain Malik, well known by his stage name Wim Walker, is a Musician/EDM Producer from Pakistan. He was born in Multan, Pakistan in 10 February 2001.

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Early life

Wim Walker (Saqlain Malik) is a Musician/EDM Producer from Pakistan. He was born in Multan, Pakistan in 10 February, 2001. He Started his Music Career from YouTube. He was fond of listenning to Music from his Childhood. And in his mature age, he decided to produce his own Music. His real name is 'Saqlain Malik' and his artist name is 'Wim Walker'. He was a student of ICS(Intermediate in Computer Science) second year at that time.


He was fond of Music(Electronic music). He loved Alan Walker (music producer), DJ Snake, Martin Garrix etc. And they all were his biggest Inspiration. So at the age of 18, he decided to produce his own Music. He used FL Studio to create and produce music tracks. Then he started remixing songs. In the beginning, he created a youtube channel with the name Malek Jason. Then he Changed his channel's name to Error Music, and within a month, he changed his channel's name to Wim Walker because that was a unique name at that time. On the same year, he released his first song Curse.. This song was not successful, because he was not popular at that time. But he never lose hope and continued creating music tracks. Then after some time, he released his second song Increase The Volume. This song got 100 views in 24 hours, and this was a big achievement for him at that time, and his friends and siblings liked this track, and encouraged him. Then in a few months he created another original song Try Out, and this track was also loved by his subscribers. Recently, he released a new Track named as Why So Serious, which is a Remix of Joker (The Dark Knight)|Joker(character) Dialogues from the movie The Dark Knight (film). This Remix is available on Bandcamp. His songs are also available on IHeartRadio


He is well known for his Artist name Wim Walker , but his original Legal name is Saqlain Malik and he's originally from Pakistan. He, was and is, an Independent Artist. He never signed a Record Label. He created a Logo for his Youtube channel, himself.


2019 Ajey Nagar Dialogues Remix 2020 Ajey Nagar Remix Kygo, Selena Gomez - It ain't me (Remix) Ajey Nagar, Wily Frenzy - Yalgaar (Remix) Divine (rapper) - Kaam 25 (Remix) Game of Thrones Soundtrack (Remix) Bella ciao (Remix) Tony Igy, Vicetone - Astronomia (Remix) Pirates of the Caribbean (film series) Sountrack (Remix)