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This edit adds an ArtistAlias to an existing Artist aicon.png

How to do it



  • Aliases are useful to enhance search results; there are a number of legit reasons to create a new alias: misspellings, variants, numbers... Be sure to read ArtistAlias for a complete list.
  • Thanks to the Lucene search engine that MusicBrainz uses, there is no longer a need for aliases containing unaccented characters
  • ArtistAlias in MusicBrainz are not the same as in Discogs: an alias here is nothing more than a search hint, not a way to collect different names used by an artist in different circumstances (use a PerformanceName in that case).
  • There is no reason to add an ArtistSortName as an alias.
  • Adding aliases won't help LastFm! They no longer use MusicBrainz as a source for their data, and never used ArtistAliases anyway.
  • Use ArtistAliases sparingly. Adding too many (bogus) aliases will actually degrade the search quality and encourage misattribution.





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