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Artist subscriptions are a helpful MusicBrainz editing tool. Every artist you subscribe to, by clicking on "Subscribe" on their MusicBrainz page, gets added to a list. The original function of this artist subscription list, was to send you a daily digest, to your registered email, of all open and closed edits for your subscribed artists made in the previous day. Various helpful links are included in it.

An added functionality, for users who have turned on the inline edit preference, is to display edits for your subscribed artists first, only preceded by edits for the artist you are currently viewing and possibly followed by edits for random artists.

Relevant Preferences

Voting/Edit review pages

  • [ ] Show inline edits.
    • [ ] Show random inline edits.

Select at least the first of these preferences to get the behaviour as described in the previous paragraph. The second preference causes edits for random artists to be displayed after you've voted for all other open edits.

Privacy settings

Not everyone might feel comfortable with the thought of having their subscriptions made public (maybe one doesn't want people to know Paris Hilton is on it?) As explained in these notes however, it is, in some cases, possible to deduct one's preferences from the number of people that are subscribed to a certain artist.

Check the following box accordingly: