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Auto-editors are trusted users who have been given "auto-editor" privileges. These privileges allow them to make select edits that are automatically approved without going through the normal [[How Voting Works|voting process]], as well as the ability to instantly approve other users' edits.
For a list of auto-editors, [http://musicbrainz.org/privileged see here].
== Obligations of an auto-editor ==
'''"''With great power comes great responsibility''" - Uncle Ben (of Spider Man fame)
While auto-editors can be thought of as having more "power" than other users, they should always align themselves to the [[Code Of Conduct|Code of Conduct]]. Furthermore, they should be able to look beyond their nose and take an objective point of view regarding the data they edit. Being familiar with the various editing aspects of the site is important, as well as having a clear grasp of the [[Style Guidelines]].
Additionally, while it is good to be an expert in certain areas of the database (e.g. certain musical genres or specific artists), every Auto-Editor should be comfortable enough with the basic editing fundamentals that they are able to edit outside their realm of expertise.
== Becoming an auto-editor ==
In order to become an auto-editor, you must first be nominated by an existing auto-editor and then have your nomination put to a vote.
See [[Auto-Editor Election|auto-editor election]] for more information.
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