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Auto-editors are Editors who have been trusted to make edits that are automatically approved (Auto-Edits) without going through the normal voting process, as well as approve other editors' edits. There is a list of all auto-editors.

Attention.png All Editors and auto-editors are expected to follow the MusicBrainz Code Of Conduct.

If you are an auto-editor, you can participate in the AutoEditor elections.

Privileges of Auto-Editors

Auto-editors can make some types of edits without going to a vote. See the page about Edit Types for a more detailed description.

Obligations of an Auto-Editor

Auto-editors should always align themselves to the CodeOfConduct. Furthermore they should be able to look beyond their own nose regarding the data they edit. It is good to have experts in certain areas but every auto-editor should at least know the basic rules for editing data in every music area and be familiar with all kinds of structural edits and processes. Additionally it is always good if they show some interest in the community, the Future Work and general issues.

Subscription to the auto-editors mailing list is mandatory for all auto-editors and they are encouraged to participate in nomination discussions there.

Becoming an Auto-Editor

In order to become an auto-editor, another auto-editor has to nominate you (see Auto-Editor Election). If your nomination receives two seconders, and a simple majority of votes, you will be promoted to auto-editor status (this may require you to logout, and login again to be activated).