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This page works with [[Back Link|BackLink]]s:
#REDIRECT [[Category:Candidate for Deletion]]
If you find a page that you believe should maybe be deleted, write CandidateForDeletion on it. If you are ''sure'' that the page has to be deleted, then (and only then) write [[Deleted Page|DeletedPage]] in the first line of it. 
The candidate pages are often [[Redirection Page|RedirectionPage]]s, so be sure to check for the redirection notice when clicking on the pages in the list of [[Back Link|BackLink]]s.
Note that the [[Back Link|BackLink]]s also list the [[Wiki Home|HomePage]], which should however not be deleted :-). There has to be a page linking here, otherwise the only way to find it is through the[[Back Link|BackLink]]s.
==List of Deletion Candidates==
This list does not include pages that link here, and are not to be deleted, and also does not include redirected pages. {{FullSearch|linkto:CandidateForDeletion -title:DeletedPage -linkto:CategoryWiki -title:RedirectionPage -r:^#REDIRECT}}
==List of Redirection Page Deletion Candidates==
{{FullSearch|CandidateForDeletion r:^#REDIRECT}}
'''Q:''' If Deleted-Page is all done automagically, won't this page also be deleted in 30 days? //[[User:bnw|bnw]]
'''A:''' First, [[Deleted Page|DeletedPage]] was a [[Use Mod|UseMod]] mechanism. With [[Moin Moin|MoinMoin]] there is a different method of deleting pages, which I still have to figure out. Second, the old mechanism only applied ot pages, that started with the word [[Deleted Page|DeletedPage]]. --[[User:DonRedman|DonRedman]]
Umm... but [[Wiki Home|WikiHome]]/[[Wiki Home|HomePage]] isn't in the list at all anymore. -- [[User:MartinRudat|MartinRudat]] 10:41, 01 May 2006 (UTC)
----[[Wiki Tag|WikiTag]]
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