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| [[[Image:CS232113-01A-BIG.jpg]] Cover] || Yes || (none yet)
| [[[Image:CS232113-01A-BIG.jpg]] Cover] || Yes || (none yet)
| [[[Image:cover_200.jpg]] Cover] || No || -
| [[[Image:CD_jbt-funky.jpg]] Cover] || No || -
| [[[Image:CD_jbt-funky.jpg]] Cover] || No || -
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| [[[Image:picture.jpg]] Cover] || No || -
| [[[Image:picture.jpg]] Cover] || No || -
| [[[Image:cover_200.jpg]] Cover] || No || -

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This page outlines websites that MusicBrainz can use to retrieve cover art.

There are a number of times that cover art isn't available on Amazon, either due to customer-submitted images or to an absence of a release. Also Amazon does not stock a lot of indie music that other smaller retailers on the net sell.

In order for MusicBrainz to deep link (link directly to a JPEG file on the retailers site) MusicBrainz needs permission from the retailer. Each retailer should be contacted to ask for permission to deep link to their site and MusicBrainz should NOT link to a retailer if no permission has been granted.

Proposed Web Sites

  • When adding a site, please include an example release and a direct link to its cover.
  • Please also place the sites alphabetically.
Site Example release Cover URL Contacted Permission URL
[[[Image:550338.jpg]] Cover] No -
[[[Image:prozak_small.jpg]] Cover] Yes permission
[[[Image:133836.jpg]] Cover] No -
Discogs Example Cover No -
eMusic Example Cover No -
HMV.co.uk Example Cover No -
[[[Image:088.jpg]] Cover] No -
[[[Image:64866M.jpg]] Cover] No -
[[[Image:xgn010.jpg]] Cover] No -
[[[Image:CS232113-01A-BIG.jpg]] Cover] Yes (none yet)
[[[Image:cover_200.jpg]] Cover] No -
[[[Image:CD_jbt-funky.jpg]] Cover] No -
[[[Image:1000350681.jpg]] Cover] No -
[[[Image:Aquarium_Careless_Russian_Rover.jpg]] Cover] No -
[[[Image:picture.jpg]] Cover] No -

Supported Web Sites

So far we support CD Baby and archive.org cover art links. To create a new cover art link, follow these steps:

  • Go to the release you'd like to add cover art to.
  • Click on Relate to URL
  • Select the has coverart at link type
  • Enter the URL to the image itself (i.e. ends in .jpg or .JPG)
    • CD Baby: [[[Image:prozak.jpg]] http://cdbabyname/p/r/prozak]
    • archive.org: [[[Image:xgn017.jpg]] http://wwwarchiveorg/download/xgn017_-_dissident/xgn017]
  • For CD Baby, you're done. For archive.org, proceed to the next step
  • Since archive.org does not have a consistent scheme for music URLs and coverart URLs, you need to add a seperate get the music link to the music page. (e.g. http://www.archive.org/details/xgn017_-_dissident). You can choose any of the 4 get the music' link sub-types.

That should link in the cover art and make sure the Info link below the cover art goes to the right place.


This section should contain a form letter that volunteers could use to ask for permission. Please volunteer to write such a letter!


Discussion on MB-Users: http://www.nabble.com/Proposal%3A-URL-based-cover-art-tf2817425s2885.html#a7863760