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This page outlines websites that MusicBrainz can use to retrieve cover art besides Amazon.

Amazon is the preferred and most common way of retrieving cover art via Amazon relationships.

However there are a number of times that cover art isn't available on Amazon, either due to customer-submitted images or to an absence of a release. Also Amazon does not stock a lot of indie music that other smaller retailers on the net sell.

In order for MusicBrainz to deep link (link directly to a JPEG file on someone else's site) for the purpose of displaying cover art MusicBrainz needs permission from the provider. Each provider should be contacted to ask for permission to deep link to their site, MusicBrainz should NOT link to a retailer if no permission has been granted.

For direction on adding cover art see how to add cover art.

Supported Web Sites

Specific permissions for individual releases is tracked on the release permission page.
Site Example release Cover URL Permission Support in MB Server[1] (Georges Brassens discography) Example Cover Granted Yes (via
cake.ography (CAKE discography) Example Cover Granted Yes (via
CD Baby Example Cover Granted Yes
Ekleipsi Example Cover Granted Yes (via
Encyclopaedia Metallum Example Cover Granted Yes (via
Encyclopédisque (French 7") Example Cover Granted Yes
Internet Archive Example Cover Granted Yes
Jamendo Example Cover Granted Yes
Lokpest (LOK discography) Example Cover Granted Yes (via
Magnatune Example Cover Granted Yes
Manj'Disc (French site focused on animated cartoons & series) Example Cover Granted Yes
Modern Sky (摩登天空) (MB entry) Example Cover Granted Yes (via (large russian e-store) Example Cover Granted Yes
Painful Convictions (Nine Inch Nails fan site) Example Cover Granted Yes (via
Thåström (Joakim Thåström site) Example Cover Granted Yes
Universal Poplab (Universal Poplab site) Example Cover Granted Yes

Ruoak has said that links to art on an artist's own website may be linked to, but only if written permission to do so is requested and received from the artist or their representative. In such a case, that written permission must be published here in the wiki. -- BrianFreud [2007-05-10:4:33EST]

Using the Internet Archive (

As of December 8th, 2009, linking to absolutely any image on the Internet Archive is allowed!

This includes any image hosted locally on the Internet Archive and those that have been archived using the Wayback Machine, however, if we receive a request to remove a link to an image from a copyright owner, we will comply.

If you believe that MusicBrainz violates your copyright by linking to a Wayback Machine image, notify us, and we will address the issue as quickly as we can.

Unsupported Sites With Permission

The following sites have given us permission but are not yet supported in the server. It may be OK to link to some of these, but support is not guaranteed to be added.

Site Example release Cover URL Permission Support in MB Server[1]
AlbumArtExchange Example Cover Granted but see note [2] No
Alpinechic Example Cover Granted No
FiXT Example Cover Granted No Example Cover Granted No
Primordial Music Example Cover Granted No
X-Line Example Cover Granted No
Zorch Factory Records Example Cover Granted No

Proposed Web Sites

Please note that no permission has been granted for any of the following sites, linking to images directly off their servers is not permitted. When adding a site, please include an example release and a direct link to its cover. Please also keep the list in alphabetical order. Entries highlighted in blue have been contacted for permission.

Site Example release Cover URL Contacted Comments Support in MB Server[1]
AllCDCovers Example Cover No No
ArkivMusic Example Cover No No
cdRoots Example Cover No No
CD Universe Example Cover No No Example Cover Yes No
Discogs Example Cover Yes No
eMusic Example Cover No No
Fresh Poulp Records Example Cover No No Example Cover Yes No Example Cover Yes No Example Cover No No Example Cover No No Example Cover No No
Homegrown Music Network Example Cover No No
iClassics Example Cover No No
Joshin (web) Example (JAN) Cover (cat.num.) No No
Juno Records Example Cover No No Example Cover Yes No Example Cover No No
The Movie Music Store (aka SoundtrackINFO) Example Cover No No
MusicPlug Example Cover No No
MusicStack Example Cover No No (Belgian encyclopedia for discography) Example Cover Yes In negotiation No
Rate Your Music Example Cover No No
Resonance Music Store Example Cover Yes No
The Fall online Example Cover No unavailable via (robots.txt exclusion) No
Wikipedia Example Cover No No Example Cover No No Example Cover No Possible affiliate? No (an online russian music encyclopedia) Example Cover No Embeds logo into coverart (a no-go?) No


This section should contain form letters that volunteers could use to ask for permission. Please volunteer to write such a letter!


Discussion on MB-Users:


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  2. Permission has been given, however, they do not seem to allow deep linking so the usefulness of their urls is questionable.